4500 HUF

Single Treatment:

(Hydrotherapy sessions usually last approx one hour with a maximum swim time of 20 minutes. The length of a session will, however, vary according to your dog’s condition, needs, and ability. On a first appointment, it is likely that your dog will only spend a short time in the water. The price of treatment does not alter according to the length of treatment. ) One Treatment 5500 HUF Senior* dogs 4000 HUF

“Free” Swim: 3500 HUF

(maximum of 20 minutes)

Assisted Free Swim: 4500 HUF

Water Habituation: 4000 HUF

Treatment Pack:

10 Treatments 50 000 HUF

Senior* Dogs:

10 Treatments 40 000 HUF

“Free” Swim Season Ticket:

10 Occasion  32 000 HUF

Paying Options

On-site with cash Bank transfer* Raiffeisen Bank: 12012204-01529748-00100003 *with a minimum of 1 working day in advance, the correct price and please bring the receipt. In the “Note” section please write your dogs name and the type of treatment. For example: Bruno, 10 treatments, normal; OR Fluffy, 10 Treatment Senior