Tappancs Hydrotherapy Center

Tappancs hydrotherapy center gives a calm and natural environment for the treatment with a skilled team, who works together with your dog in the pool, during which we can observe your dogs abilities and recovery so we can fit the treatment for him/her. Our therapist got his qualifications in England and uses the experience and knowledge he got from a several year successful center. Every dog gets a float coat or harness according to his/her needs and goals.

The Pool

Thanks to our (6m X 3m) heated pool, the bigger dogs can also swim comfortably, they don’t have to turn often, so we can get the most out of them during therapy. Getting in and out is helped by a ramp and we have a resting platform as well. The water is 28-30 celsius and the quality is checked three times a day and we use a large sand filter to keep the water as clean as possible. We work according to European standards in terms of chlorine and ph levels as our successful English example. The temperature and the quality of the water has a great meaning, because a not properly maintained water, or water which is colder or warmer can damage the dogs’ condition. The official measurements are controlled by the ÁNTSZ as well as a company which is specialized for pool water management.


With the different toys and games give a new plan for the dogs, so they will not only perform better, but they can do such things (like apportioning) what they don’t necessarily able to do on land. This way the mental and general well being can be optimized.