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Tap-PANCS Hydrotherapy Center

Veterinary Consent/ Referral

Tap-PANCS works solely through veterinary consent or referral which means that in order for your dog to be treated you do need to obtain consent from your vet or orthopedic specialist. This is to confirm your dog’s precise condition and that your dog is medically fit to receive treatment. Your dog can still receive treatment even if your vet has not suggested it. Simply speak with your vet and ask them if they would be willing to refer your dog for hydrotherapy. The majority of vets are very supportive and willing to give consent if it is appropriate for your dog’s condition.

How to make an appointment

1. Fully read our terms and conditions. These are included in the Veterinary Consent/Referral Form. This can be downloaded from this page (see below) or we can send a copy out to you.

Download Consent/Referral Form here

2. Complete the Veterinary Consent/Referral Form, ensuring that you get your vet to complete and sign the relevant section, as we cannot accept your registration without it. 3. Contact us by phone, email or through a Facebook message to make an appointment for the Initial Consult Appointment: 0630-991-3534 E-mail: Opening Hours: From Monday to Saturday: 08-20 Facebook Company Info: DT Hidroterápiás Bt.